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  • We do not buy and sell products, We are a Digital Platform for retailers and manufacturers to communicate and transact with each other, we display their products along with the prices they have suggested/demanded on (Platform), and after receiving your interest to buy the product(s), we directly place your order and communicate to the manufacturer/wholesaler/distributors and they have a direct control over product publishing/listing to receiving orders and they have a right to deny the order furnished by the retailer(s) once they accept the orders and  dispatch the products through our courier/logistic partners. So we cannot provide any guarantee or warranty or any replacements, All the Products displayed on the platform ( are non-returnable and non-refundable and according to the applicable return window all the returns and replacements will be directly handled by the respective seller of the product and as per the terms and conditions prescribed on mobile application/website.
  • If you’ve received them in a condition that is physically damaged or damaged in transit or has a missing part(s) or accessories, defective or different from their description on the product listing page, only in that case the product(s) would be classified and taken into the consideration as returnable or refundable product(s).
  • If you face an issue with a ordered product like Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, Television, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Microwave, etc. (Electronic Product) we may schedule a visit of a technician to your location. This visit will be scheduled by reporting an issue to “Tradzeal” through its website/mobile application. The technician will be visiting, to your location, is directly from the Brand or Company of the product manufactured/assembled/distributor/Direct agent, after the visit, a resolution will be provided by the manufacturing company on the basis of evaluation report submitted by the technician.
  • Reverse pickup facility on the products which needs to be reversed and needs to send back to origin, because of only acceptable reasons by the company are permitted for reversals and we shall follow the instructions provided by our courier/logistic partners.
  • In some case where our courier/logistic partners do not provide us the facility for reverse pickup shipments, customers/retailers shall be sending the product(s) by themselves on their own cost of expenses.


  • It is determined that the product was not damaged while in your possession;
  • The product is different from the ordered product;
  • The product is returned in original and in original condition (with brand’s/manufacturer's box, MRP tag intact, user manual, warranty card and all the accessories therein).
  • If you wish to return an electronic device that stores any personal information, please ensure that you have removed all such personal information from the device prior to returning. Tradzeal shall not be liable in any manner for any misuse or usage of such information.
  • Products may not be eligible for return in some cases, including cases of buyer's remorse such as incorrect model or color of product ordered or incorrect product ordered.
  • Products marked as "non-returnable" on the product cannot be returned.

     Note: If you've received a non-returnable product in a damaged/defective condition, you can contact us within 7 days from the delivery of the product.

      Computers, Tablets, Mobile and All related Accessories:-


Return Policy

Mobile Accessories (new and certified refurbished)

7 Days; Replacement only.  Refer to Brand Policy

Non-returnable: Screen guards, screen protectors and tempered glasses.

Tablets (new and certified refurbished), Laptops (new and certified refurbished), Office & Stationery Supplies (new and certified refurbished) , Work Space and Gadget Accessories

7 Days; Replacement only.  Refer to Brand Policy

Desktops, Monitors, Pen Drives, Hard Drives, Memory Cards, Internet Devices, Computer Accessories, Graphic Cards, CPU, Power Supplies, Motherboards, Cooling Devices, TV cards, Computing Components (new and certified refurbished)

7 Days; Replacement only.  Refer to Brand Policy

Non-Returnable: All products that are labeled as non-returnable on the product detail page are not eligible for returns.

Printers, Networking Devices (new and certified refurbished)

7 Days; Replacement/Refund,  Refer to Brand Policy


7 Days; Replacement/Refund,  Refer to Brand Policy

• For software-related technical issues or installation issues in products belonging to the Software category, please contact the brand directly.

• Non-returnable: Software products that are labeled as non-returnable on the product detail pages are not eligible for returns.
























TV, Appliances, Electronics


Return Policy

Televisions, Large Appliances (new and certified refurbished) like Air Coolers, Air Conditioner, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Dishwasher, Microwave, Speakers (new and certified refurbished)

7 Days;

Only Repaired, Refer to Brand Policy

Digital Cameras, Camera Lenses, Headsets, Projectors, Home Entertainment (new and certified refurbished)

7 Days; No Replacement/Refunds,

Refer to Brand Policy

Home and Kitchen appliances:-


Return Policy

Home and Kitchen (new and certified refurbished)

7 Days; Replacement/Refund, Refer to Brand Policy

Non-returnable: Edible products, some consumable products and products marked as "non-returnable" on the product detail page.


7 Days; Replacement Only, Refer to Brand Policy

• For damaged / defective products, products with missing parts or product not as described, replacement will be offered. Replacement may be offered for the entire product or part(s) of the product.

• For seller fulfilled items, contact seller for disassembly within the return window.

Bed sheet/Pillow Covers, Pressure Cooker (new and certified refurbished), Mixer Grinder, Water Heater, Food Processor, Air Purifier (new and certified refurbished)

7 Days; Replacement/Refund, Refer to Brand Policy


Toys and Baby Products


Return Policy

Toys (new and certified refurbished)

7 Days; Replacement/Refund, Refer to Brand Policy


7 Days; Replacement/Refund, Refer to Brand Policy

Non-Returnable: Breast pads and shields, breast milk containers, nursing covers, baby grooming products, baby washes, shampoos, skin care, wet wipes, diapers and nappies, soothers and teethers, feeding related products like bottles, bottle sets and nipples.

Sports, Fitness, and Outdoors


Return Policy

Sports, Fitness and Outdoors (new and certified refurbished)

7 Days; Replacement/Refund, Refer to Brand Policy

Non-returnable: All inner apparel, socks, gym supporters, guards.

Aerobic Training Machines like Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Home Gyms/ Multi Gyms, Massage Machines, Table Tennis Tables, Billiards/ Pool/ Snooker/ Other Large Game Tables, Punching / Boxing Bags, Bicycles

7 Days; Refund Only, Refer to Brand Policy

Garden & Outdoors

Non-Returnable: Seeds and live plants.

Beauty and Health,


Shaving and Hair Removal

7 Days; Replacement only, Refer to Brand Policy

Health and Personal Care (new and certified refurbished)

7 Days; Replacement/Refund, Refer to Brand Policy

Non-returnable: All products included in this category that are labeled as non-returnable on their product detail, and oral care products.

Occupational Health & Safety Products

7 Days; Replacement/Refund, Refer to Brand Policy

Heart Rate Monitors, Health Monitors, Medical Supplies and Equipment, Scales, Miscellaneous Health and Wellness Appliances

7 Days; Replacement Only, Refer to Brand Policy


Clothing and Accessories


Return Policy

Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

7 Days; Replacement/Refund, Refer to Brand Policy

Non-Returnable: Lingerie, innerwear and other apparel that are labeled as non-returnable on their product detail pages.

Jewellery, Watches, and Eyewear


Return Policy

Precious Jewellery, Fashion/Imitation Jewellery, Eyewear and Watches (new and certified refurbished)

7 Days; Replacement/Refund, Refer to Brand Policy

Precious jewellery products need to be returned with the tag intact in the tamper free packaging that is provided in the delivery parcel. Returns in any other packaging will not be accepted.

Gold Coins / Gold Vedhanis / Gold Chips / Gold Bars / Silver Coins / Silver Bars / Silver Chips / Silver Bullion


Handbags and Luggage


Return Policy

Luggage and Handbags

7 Days; Replacement/Refund,  Refer to Brand Policy

Any luggage products with locks must be returned unlocked.






    I. Delivery of Shipment to Buyer:

    We will attempt to deliver the shipment to the buyer for a maximum of 3 attempts. Note: Number of attempts will be less than three in cases, including without limitation where

  1. Buyer refuses to accept the shipment in 1st or 2nd attempt to deliver the shipment;
  2. Address not found despite 2 attempts to deliver the shipment; or
  3. Buyer asks to hold the shipment for more than 5 days.

    Note: In the event we receive a request from you or the buyer to hold the shipment, we may do so only for a maximum period of 5 days from the date of last attempt to deliver the shipment subject to availability of space in our hub. We may in our sole and absolute discretion accept or decline your or the buyer’s request to hold the shipment. In case we decline your or buyer’s request to hold shipment, we shall consider the same as a RTO and return the shipment to you.

In certain exceptional scenarios where, the buyer has entered wrong pin code or delivery location is in a non-serviceable zone i.e. where we are not able to delivery due to unforeseen circumstances, those shipments will not be attempted to buyer and the same will be returned back to you.

II. Returning Shipment to Seller:

We will attempt shipments within defined SLC*, our executive will bring shipment to your doorstep, please note that we will not repack any shipments at hub and we will return the shipment to you on an ‘as is’ basis i.e. in the same condition as it is received by us from the third-party logistics service providers.

You or your representative accepting the delivery of RTO is requested to carefully sign on proof of delivery (“POD”). If you find any shipment to be damaged or tampered with or not in a good condition, please write on POD and get in touch with our customer support. Kindly note below points regarding the delivery of RTO to you:

  • We will not provide open box delivery to anyone;
  • Please don’t hold our executive at your place and open shipment in front of him.
  • Please write on POD while receiving shipment in case the shipment is damaged or tampered with. Please don’t reject receiving of any delivery of RTO if it is attempted within 30 days. If such delivery attempt crosses 30 days after the first attempt, it will be attempted to you again within the next 48 hours. Please ensure you don’t reject receipt of any shipment.
  • If buyer avoid receiving their order for no reason or any reason without any discussion with our customer support, so buyer subjected to pay delivery charges and return shipment charges according to Tradzeal.
  •  Note: If you out rightly reject receiving RTO or if your shop is closed, we will hold your payment for such shipment and we will attempt to deliver such RTO again in next 48 hours. Please take note that we will keep such RTO at the hub for total period of 5 days and we will do a maximum of two attempts to deliver such RTO. However, if you fail to take delivery for such RTO, we will send such RTO to our liquidation centre and we shall not be liable to pay any payment for such RTO.CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY
  • You can cancel your order by using the facility available below before you get an e-mail confirmation that your product has been dispatched from us. It will be your sole responsibility to provide correct e-mail address at the time of placing your order. Cancellation requests will not be entertained/ processed once the order has been dispatched.
  • In case you wish to cancel the order before it has been dispatched an amount of Rs.100 per order would be deducted on account of processing fee/cancellation charges if you have already made payment.
    In case you wish to cancel the order after dispatch but solely for reasons of non-delivery of the order within the stipulated delivery time you would be entitled to full refund of the amount. Provided the non-delivery of the product was because of the fault of the third party and not because of acts of God, Civil Commotion, riots, your non-availability etc.
  • Any refund should be raised before the expiry of 10 days from the date of placing the order or else you would be ineligible to raise a refund.
  • Refund shall be made in Indian Rupees only at the same Issuing Bank from where the Transaction Price was received and shall be equivalent to the Transaction Price received in Indian Rupees. Refund shall be made through payment facility using NEFT / RTGS or any other online banking / electronic funds transfer system approved by Reserve Bank India (RBI) for electronic payments. Refund shall be conditional and shall be with recourse available to in case of any misuse by Buyer. Refund shall be subject to Buyer complying with Policies.


For Pay on Delivery orders, refunds will be processed either to your bank account (via National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)) or by other payment method. If you wish to receive the Pay on Delivery order’s refund to your bank account, you can update the details of the bank account to your profile in our website/ mobile application.

NoteRefunds cannot be processed to third-party accounts. The name on your account should match with the name of the bank account holder.


Tradzeal eligible items and few Seller Fulfilled items are eligible for free replacements. If an eligible item is out of stock from the same

Seller. It cannot be replaced. Only a refund against the returned item will be issued.


Items within return window and in stock (exact same item) with same seller are eligible for free replacement. The free replacement order will be shipped through standard shipping once the original order is returned. Free replacements can be requested if the following conditions apply:

  • Item received is physically damaged;
  • Item received has missing parts or accessories;
  • Item received is different from their description on the product detail page on; or
  • Item received is defective/does not work properly.


  • A free replacement cannot be created for an item which was returned and replaced once earlier.
  • If your item is not eligible for free replacement due to any reason, you can always return it for a refund.
  • If your item is "Seller-Fulfilled" and is not eligible for a free replacement, please Seller to request a refund.
  • If the item has missing parts or accessories, you may try to contact the manufacturer for assistance. Manufacturer contact information can usually be found on the item packaging or in the paperwork included with the item.
  • In accordance with Information Technology Act 2000 and rules made there under, the name and contact details of the Grievance Officer are provided below:


Pawan Walyat

Customer Service

Plot No 74, Block No. 6,

Geeta Colony, DELHI -110031

Contact No. - +91-9803670367,


Time: Mon - Sat (10:00 AM - 07:00 PM)